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Shannon. 24. Graphic Designer. Straight and Single Female. Classic & Horror Film Fan. Not all mermaids live in the ocean, some live in "Waterfall Paradise Land" aka the mountains of Northeast Alabama (you should see it in the autumn).
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    Everything for the Nursery 

    Except instead of a baby I’d have the room for a cat.

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    and here we see the majestic whale returning to its natural habitat

    yep, she has grace enough to subvert your message.

    Good for her. Notice how fat-shamers don’t even want fat people to engage in healthy activities? Fucking hypocrites.

    Then I want to return to my natural habitat too! That looks like so much fun! Yay fatties! :)

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    for you.

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  • Passive aggressive grammar pet peeve of the day:

    Ted Graham = Singular
    The Grahams = Plural
    Ted Graham’s Place = Singular Possessive (Ted owns it)
    The Grahams’ Place = Plural Possessive (Both Ted & Nancy own it there)

    That is the Grahams’ house.
    The Grahams will be moving away in two weeks.
    Nancy Graham’s got a new job.

    Got it?

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