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Shannon. 24. Graphic Designer. Straight and Single Female. Classic & Horror Film Fan. Not all mermaids live in the ocean; some live in "Waterfall Paradise Land" aka the mountains of Northeast Alabama (you should see it in the autumn).
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  • Life begins with a circle. Within this shape, containing elements travel particular orbits. From the atom emanates aninnumerable amount of circles. They reverberate from and within the essential building blocks of matter all the way up to the galaxies beheld in the heavens. Human beings exist in the in-between. Man is ever increasing the circles of his life. Like tree rings, every new invention is a space, a foundation wherein a new ring can begin. With each concentric circle the tree grows, expands, and reaches new heights. So it is with humanity. Like an athlete, as we overcome and think through new obstacles, we acquire the “shape” necessary for new challenges. In his essay “Circles,” Ralph W. Emerson concludes that “The life of man is a self-evolving circle,which from a ring imperceptibly small rushes on all sides outwards to new and larger circles, and that without end.” We cut the tree open and inside we find the passage of time and the record of the tree’s existence. Every action, every conversation, every thought forms a new ring in our life’s narrative. Thus, our concentric circles tell a story and evoke the legacy (or lack thereof) of our lives. This is a story, a homage to the relationship between circles and people. It is an exploration of both the natural and human affected significance of this shape.

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